About Institutional Investors

As part of a leading municipal underwriting firm to hundreds of municipalities across the U.S., FirstSouthwest Capital Markets is uniquely positioned to provide institutional investors with bonds that are consistent with their objectives. We also have the ability to consult with our professionals in public finance on how issues are structured and provide insight into an issue.

Our professionals work closely with mutual funds, bond funds, trust departments, small and large corporations, money managers, insurance companies, arbitrage accounts and hedge funds in order to understand their needs so that we can remain proactive in sharing new opportunities. 

Beyond our deep expertise in the primary and secondary markets, institutional investors will experience other benefits such as:

Access to Diverse Products. From January 2005 to November 2010, FirstSouthwest is ranked No. 20 in the nation for par volume and number of issues completed as senior managing underwriter according to both Thomson Reuters and MuniAnalytics┬«.

Personalized Service. Our professionals seek to understand the unique circumstances and investment goals of each client.

Responsiveness. Our professionals are continuously accessible and immediately responsive to client queries.

Consistent Delivery. We are consistent in the quality of services we deliver to each client.

Advice with Integrity
. We provide analytically sound advice shaped wholly by what is in the best interest of each client. 

Underwriting Calendar

Sales TypeIssuerStateDescriptionPar AmountPricingMaturityBQ
NegotiatedNew York City Muni Wtr Fin Auth, NYNYWtr Swr 2nd Gen Res Rev Bds, Fis '15, Ser GG$475,000,000.003/30/2015 No
CompetitiveNorthwest Harris Co MUD 19, TXTXUT Bds S15$11,800,000.003/30/2015 No
NegotiatedAledo ISD, TXTXUT Refdg Bds, S15A$13,195,000.003/31/2015 No
NegotiatedHarris Co MUD 393, TXTXUT Refdg '15$5,350,000.003/31/2015 Yes
CompetitiveUnicoi Co, TNTNGO Refdg Bd$16,270,000.003/31/2015 No
CompetitiveFlagler Co, FLFLGO Refdg Bds, S15 $25,340,000.003/31/2015 No
CompetitiveUtah BOA, UTUTLease Rev Refdg Bds S15 $30,185,000.003/31/2015 No
CompetitiveOrlando Util Comm FLFLUtlity Sys Rev Bds S15$94,905,000.003/31/2015 No
CompetitiveJohnston Co, NCNCGO Refdg Bds S15$51,555,000.003/31/2015 No
CompetitiveUtahUTGO Refdg Bds S15 $223,585,000.003/31/2015 No
CompetitiveSpring Hill ISD, TXTXUT Refdg Bds S15$8,650,000.003/31/2015 Yes
NegotiatedPearland, TXTXPerm Improv Refdg Bds, S15$47,790,000.004/1/2015 No
CompetitiveHarris Co MUD 468, TXTXUT Road Bds S15$1,295,000.004/1/2015 No
CompetitiveMcMinnville ORORGO and Refdg Bds S15 $24,210,000.004/1/2015 No

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