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Informed Access.
With trading desks in major markets across the U.S., FirstSouthwest offers clients direct access to the capital markets through our informed and experienced professionals.

We work closely with mutual funds, bond funds, trust departments, small and large corporations, money managers, insurance companies, arbitrage accounts and hedge funds to understand their needs and be proactive in sharing new opportunities.

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Underwriting Calendar

Sales TypeIssuerStateDescriptionPar AmountPricingMaturityBQ
CompetitiveKnox County, TNTN GO Bds, S14A$31,700,000.0010/1/2014 No
CompetitiveMaury Co., TNTNGO Sch and Impvt Bds, S14$13,750,000.0010/1/2014 No
CompetitiveOrange Co, CA, Sanitation DistrictCARev Refdg CAN's S14B$123,100,000.0010/1/2014 No
CompetitiveKnox County, TNTNGO Refdg Bds, S14B (TXBL)$57,100,000.0010/1/2014 No
CompetitiveWeber SD BOE, UTUTUT GO Sch Bldg and Refdg Bds, S14$38,050,000.0010/1/2014 No
CompetitiveHarris Co MUD 501, TXTXUT Bds, S14$13,100,000.0010/1/2014 No
NegotiatedShreveport, LALAGO Bds, S14A$93,500,000.0010/2/2014 No
NegotiatedConroe ISD, TXTXUT Rfdg Bds, S14B $20,380,000.0010/6/2014 No
NegotiatedConroe ISD, TXTXUT Sch Bldg & Rfdg Bds, S14A$133,075,000.0010/6/2014 No
NegotiatedGrand River Dam Authority, TXOKRev Bds, Txble S14B$86,480,000.0010/7/2014 No
NegotiatedGrand River Dam Authority, TXOKRev Bds, S14A $227,550,000.0010/7/2014 No
CompetitiveSunfield MUD 1, TXTXRoad Bds, S14$3,435,000.0010/7/2014 Yes
NegotiatedLa Porte ISD, TXTXUT Refdg Bds, S14 (Non PSF)$6,115,000.00  No
CompetitivePaloma Lake MUD #2, TXTXUT Bds, S14 $1,700,000.0010/8/2014 Yes
CompetitiveFort Bend Co MUD 152, TXTXUT Bds, S14$1,865,000.0010/8/2014 Yes

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