About Underwriting

Since 1946 FirstSouthwest has been a trusted leader in public finance and has provided underwriting services for municipal clients across the U.S.

Since 2008, we have served as underwriter on more than $16 billion in long-term issues. We are ranked among the top 25 firms in the U.S. for senior managed long-term underwritings and among the top 20 for senior managed short-term underwritings. We also underwrote more than $475 million of bank qualified securities in 2008, ranking FirstSouthwest among the top 12 firms in the U.S. according to Thomson Reuters.
Unique Benefits
The diversity of our in-house resources translates into a number of unique benefits for our underwriting clients.

  • As of one the largest public financial advisory firms that is also a registered broker-dealer, FirstSouthwest is exposed to a wide variety of underwritings. This provides us a uniquely current perspective and allows us to offer our clients the latest structuring ideas and marketing strategies being employed across all sectors of the market.
  • Our distribution network enhances our ability to pre-market and distribute municipal bonds and notes to a wide variety of investor categories, including large institutional investors, regional institutions and high net worth individuals.
  • FirstSouthwest is dedicated to the municipal bond market. We are known best for our long history as a leading underwriter or financial advisor to municipalities across the nation. Our capital and resources directly support our municipal trading and underwriting activities, and our management thoroughly understands municipal risk.

Distribution Network
Our position as a national leader in public finance enhances our ability to both maintain and expand our distribution network throughout the following investor groups:

  • Tier 1 Firms Large institutional investors, including mutual funds, trust departments, large corporations, money managers, and insurance companies. Our prominence in the financial advisory arena provides us with added credibility when selling bonds to these firms.
  • Tier 2 Firms Regional institutions, such as trust departments, smaller corporations and regional banks. Major underwriting firms often overlook these markets, while we are continuing to expand our sales force within this segment.
  • Tier 3 Firms This includes retail, such as high net worth individuals, local money managers, and prime brokers. We continue to expand our sales force within this valuable segment.

To learn more about our underwriting capabilities, please contact us today.

Underwriting Calendar

Sales TypeIssuerStateDescriptionPar AmountPricingMaturityBQ
NegotiatedSpringtown ISD, TXTXUT Refdg S15 $9,200,000.005/27/2015 Yes
CompetitiveHarris Co MUD 433, TXTXUT Rd Bds S15A $10,155,000.005/27/2015 No
CompetitiveFort Bend Co MUD 57, TXTXUT Bds S15A $11,185,000.005/27/2015 No
CompetitiveFort Bend Co MUD 57, TXTXUT Park Bds S15B $3,395,000.005/27/2015 No
CompetitiveMildred ISD, TXTXUT Refdg Bds S15 $9,225,000.005/27/2015 Yes
CompetitiveCommonwealth of PennsylvaniaPAGO Bds Second Series S15 $460,000,000.005/27/2015 No
CompetitiveCommonwealth of PennsylvaniaPAGO Bds First Refdg S15$777,230,000.005/27/2015 No
CompetitiveHighline SD 401, WAWAUT GO Refdg Bds S15$47,655,000.005/27/2015 No
CompetitiveBelleville, KSKSGO Sales Tax Bds S15$1,880,000.005/27/2015 Yes
CompetitiveLone Oak ISD, TXTXUT Refdg Bds S15 $4,980,000.005/27/2015 Yes
CompetitiveNew Mexico Finance AuthNMSr Lien Pub Proj Revol Rev Bds S15B $45,760,000.005/28/2015 No
CompetitiveCommerce ISD, TX UT Refdg Bds S15 $9,105,000.00  Yes
CompetitiveAlief ISD, TXTXUT Sch Bldg Bds S15 $9,835,000.005/28/2015 Yes
CompetitiveRockwood Sch Dist #R-6 MOMOGO Bds S15 $35,000,000.005/28/2015 No
CompetitiveOrange Co, FLFLTourist Dev Tax Refdg Rev Bds S15 $170,070,000.005/28/2015 No
NegotiatedSan Jacinto CCD, TXTXLT GO Rfdg, S15$40,200,000.006/2/2015 No
NegotiatedCaddo Mills ISD, TXTXUT Refdg Bds S15A$7,380,000.006/3/2015 Yes
NegotiatedCaddo Mills ISD, TXTXUT Refdg Bds S15B$8,450,000.006/3/2015 Yes

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